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Online Classes

Now Open

Anytime, Anywhere

Business Jam now offers regular classes online in Business English and Softs Skills. Classes can be booked online through our booking website.


Classes currently available include the following:

Business English Basics

15 classes

Repeats every 3 weeks

Level A2+

Ideal review course

8$ per class

for the course

Max 10 learners per class

Introduction to Creative Thinking

2 hour session

Repeats once a  week

Level B1+

20$ per sesson

Max 10 learners per class

Basic Problem Solving

1 hour session

Repeats once a  week


20$ per sesson

Max 10 learners per class

Emotional Intelligence


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Business Jam currently offers online classes for all courses.  

Key Features Include:

  • General English - one-on-one and group classes

  • Business English 

  • Personalized online Teaching 

  • Daily Online Coaching

  • Soft skills Training

  • Top quality staff with extensive experience in online teaching

  • Course material adjusted for online delivery

For more information contact us.

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