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Business Jam offers custom-made training solutions for companies who want to up-skill their employees in Business English, Soft Skills Training or General English, but need a unique solution for their needs. Our Integrated Blended Methodology ensures that your employees are assisted every step of the way in reaching their learning objectives.
Project Management
Phase 1: Business Development
Initial Contact and Client Needs Assessment
Specification of Proposal Parameters
(Purpose of Course, Size of class, Assessment criteria, etc.)
Proposal Presentation
(Course Outline, Material, Delivery Method, Project Staffing, Costing, Blended Platform, Project Management)
Contract Finalization
Phase 2: Course Delivery
Student Level Assessment
Student Needs Analysis
Finalized Course Outline
First Class
Phase 3: Weekly Cycle (Repeated until the end of the course)
Online Learning
First Weekly Contact Session with Instructor
Coaching Follow-up
Online Learning
Second Weekly Contact Session
Coaching Follow-up
Phase 3: Project Wrap-Up
Student Assessment
Course Evaluation
Course Report and Presentation to Client
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